Happy Meal or Mc Filthy Sir?

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Destination B Music

Since my last tune Frozen, I have had a creative block, so instead of making music, I have been spending my time messing around setting up my new pair of speakers.

After listening to some tunes in the car, I decided perhaps I should play around with some Dubstep for a change, so started making some beats. But things were still not flowing, so I changed tactic, back to Sound Design.

Over the last week I have been trying out different ideas on sound design ranging from Trance Chords to Screaming Dubstep leads, in fact describing the patch as “screaming” does not do it justice, it is better described as downright filthy!!

I was thinking, this time it will be different, I fancy a change, lets do some Dubstep, but semi chilled (for me that is) with some Trance, but it seems that this lead patch may be taking control and leading me down the dirty path again (I just cant stop myself).

So what music food shall I serve you up, a Happy Meal or Mc Filthy??? Or are you greedy and want a serving of both??



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