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This project seemed to be never ending, but finally I have published my latest tune “Born amongst the Darkness”.

It is not for the light hearted, with fast heavy beats and distorted twisted neurofunk lines. It took some time to process the twisted sounds, but I think it was worth it.

One day I may post up the samples I used to make the evil sounding voices, as the original samples sound totally different.

My creative juices now seem to be flowing again, although I am still locked into sound design mode. I suppose though this is one of the great things about Electronic Music, if you are stuck in a rut in production, then move to sound design, to keep things fresh, never a boring moment.

Talking about boring moments, I have been trying to write some dubstep beats, but so far am just not enjoying writing them. I fancied doing some dubstep hoping that it will allow me greater creative freedom, not with the beats, but with the rest of the composition. But I am missing than DnB feel of the beats, I am sure I will get around to doing a pure dubstep tune at some point, but for now, the time is just not right (that may change tomorrow though, lol).

I went to the peace in the park festival at Sheffield over the weekend (a great free festival for charity ) , which was great, and it certainly gave me a bit of a kick to want to play music in a live scenario, so I had better buckle up and get writing some tunes!!!

So if you are a producer, do you flirt between sound design & song arrangement mode?

Ok, Ok, I have not really seen a Geist, but I have been messing around with Geist, which is a drum machine/sampler. As Geist is the absolute dogs for chopping up samples, I chopped up an Amen break and layered it with Kick’s and Snares, and hey presto, inspiration for a new track . I’m not really sure where this track is heading yet, I am trying to decide between making it mega evil & dirty, or just spicing it up with some analog juice. Either way, one thing that I am definitely going to do, is chop that break up even more, or to be more precise, sample my newly made beat and slice it up again, sweet!!



I must admit, Geist, really is a fantastic Drum Sampler and it gives me the workflow that I want. I know most producers these days have started using Native Instruments Maschine, which I have played with, and its cool, but I just find it easier and quicker to use a mouse. But hey stop………I’m not going to do a review on Geist yet, lol, I will leave that for another day.